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Custom Catalog 

Welcome to our custom catalog where all of your wardrobe dreams may come to fruition .

Click Begin Customizing to begin our customization process by selecting Custom Order and selecting to either to “customize an existing design” or “create a new one”. Please note that through out this process you may be prompted to upload a picture as reference please click the button below that says “ Inspo Upload “. 

Custom Order

Please view our fabric selection swatches as well as Its details which includes the overall composition, weight and stretch for some have more stretch and weight than others . Please note that there are more fabric options please message Customer Chat Support to inquire or receive a quote . .

Just below  lies a universal size chart. This chart is a gauge for those that do not have access to measuring tape and want to know the baseline of the measurements we will use on your order.Although we do not offer refunds we do offer alterations that are 100% Free. Please refer to or FAQ page for how to do so as well as the requirements needed to proceed with our alteration process .

Size Charts