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Bohemian Brand by Elle was created by Kennedy Elle Knight, a former 3D realistic artist who has always had an artistic background which in turn has led her to create some of the most eye-catching, off the wall designs. Bohemian Brand is a brand for all women who love to be bold, innovative, and strive every day to make a STATEMENT. Elle prides herself in ensuring great customer service and giving an experience you’ll never forget when ordering custom clothing, every women should have at least one staple piece in their wardrobe that’s been made to hug her EVERY curve. 

Bohemian brand is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle , most of the designs have an flesh-like, earth-tone esthetic because we want you to feel at one with nature and all things that grow, we want you to feel free, and to love the skin your in! Most importantly we want you embrace your inner beauty and radiate that confidence. The clothing speaks for itself but that’s just the thing ..

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